Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a luxury that many people feel they cannot afford. While it is definitely an investment, you can find ways to cut the costs and still find affordable swimming pool designs. Making a budget before you get ready to buy will help you decide what’s most important and what you can do without. There are many options when putting in a pool, but here are some ways to save some cash along the way.


1. Choose Energy Saving Pool Equipment

Choosing a pool pump that is Energy-STAR certified is one great way to save money on your swimming pool. It will take less energy to run the pool pump, which will save you money on the overall cost of maintenance. You may also be able to find a chlorinator that saves energy.

2. Don’t Use a Heater

While you may want a heater for your pool, many experts recommend that one of the best ways to create affordable pools is to wait. This allows you to determine if you really need the heater or not. You might find that you don’t need a heater for the times you use the pool. Waiting also lets you gauge what kind of heater you might want so that you can add it later.

3. Consider a Smaller Size

The larger your pool, the more expensive it’s going to be. That includes having it installed and taking care of it. Consider what features you want your pool to have and then determine what you have left so that you can choose a pool size that matches your budget. Forgoing a huge pool in favour of one that’s a bit smaller is one of the top things that experts recommend when it comes to affordable swimming pools.

4. Add to the Patio at Another Time

You dream of an oasis that wraps around your pool that is great for lounging and having a party. However, the patio surrounding your pool is one of the largest expenses that go into the project. By opting for just 3 feet of patio around the swimming pool, you’ll save a lot of costs. Down the road, you can extend the patio or add pavers, a terrace solarium, or decking to create more space for entertaining or to put lounge chairs and tables.

5. Add Plumbing for Features

You might not be putting in a slide or waterfall right now, but it will save you a lot of money down the road to equip your pool with the plumbing for such extras now. This will save you hundreds of pounds down the line if you decide to add water features or slides. And it will make either job much easier and quicker to complete without a huge expense.

6. Use the Cover in the Off-Season

You don’t need the cover in the summer when you use your pool all the time, so you can save some money by waiting until the season is over to have your security cover installed. This type of cover is ideal for protecting your pool and keeping it well maintained during the winter. However, it does add significantly to the overall expense, so you can offset the cost of the pool by waiting for a couple of months to take care of the cover. This makes it more affordable to have the pool installed without having to give up any of the extras that you need or want.

These tips for the cheapest way to build a pool will help you fulfil a dream without going broke in the process. It’s also a good idea to shop around and compare your options so that you can choose what you want without spending more than you should.

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