Out of all the rooms in the home, it is fair to say that most people believe the bathroom can be the most tricky. You don’t have as many materials and textures to play with, you are faced with a lot of furniture and fixtures that are immovable, and you have to think much more about practicality and functionality compared to more casual, versatile rooms like the dining room or the lounge. Add to that the fact that a lot of people are faced with a small space in which themselves, and bathroom designs for home can become somewhat challenging. Here are some bathroom design ideas for small spaces you may like to apply to your plan.

Wall Hung Cabinets

Floor space can be very hard to come by in a tiled bathroom, so one of the easiest and most visually appealing fixes for this problem is the use of wall hung cabinets. They provide you with all of the relevant storage space that you need whilst keeping the floor nice and free, which the kind of combination that you should be looking to achieve with all of your bathroom furniture. All of the best bathroom showrooms in the industry will always include wall hung cabinets because they are widely regarded as the best fix for a small space problem.


Corner Sink

If your room layout and plumbing allows for it, then a neat corner sink can be a great space-saving design idea for a small bathroom. Rather than being stuck out in the middle of a wall, a corner sink provides a much tidier and well-ordered feel to the bathroom, and you can combine the sink with a corner cupboard system that takes up far less room than a cabinet on the floor along a wall. The plumbing of a sink has no choice but to be down the wall and into the floor, so you might as well surround that with a neat, doored space that can double up as extra storage.

Shower Curtain

If you are working with tight spaces in your bathroom, then a shower curtain is a much better option than a glass or plastic door that has to swing open and shut with each use. A curtain can be neatly pulled back and forth as you choose, and this makes getting in and out of the shower much simpler and gives you full access to all other areas of the bathroom at the same time. Sometimes, an open glass shower door does things like cover up the wall mirror or cover up a cabinet that you need to get to.


Large Mirror

A great visual trick that can help to make a small bathroom feel much bigger is to hang a large mirror on the wall. The reflective nature of the mirror will both bounce the light and reflect the image of the other side of the room, creating the effect of a much larger space than you actually have. It’s not going to reach a house of mirrors level effect, but you would be surprised by just how much of an impact a large size mirror can have on a small, often windowless space.

Towel Bar on Door

Towels can take up a lot of room in a bathroom, especially when you need to hang them to dry. A great trick for achieving this practical task without having to sacrifice too much room is by mounting a towel bar on the inside of the bathroom door rather than on a wall. The door is one of the things that is immovable in terms of room design, so why not take advantage of that by affixing something practical to the inside of it and making it have more than just one opening and closing function?


Wall Mounted Taps

Something a little bit different that you can choose is wall mounted taps. Most of the plumbing for wall mounted taps is hidden in the wall, with some designs looking like they are “floating”. Wall mounted taps with a wall mounted sink bowl can free up lots of square footage in the overall room and make things like a lot more appealing and minimalistic. Having the taps on the wall also means you have unimpeded space on the sink for items like a soap dish.

As well as working intelligently with your bathroom space saving ideas, think about colour and lighting. Smaller rooms are much better with colours that reflect light and having good wattage lighting is essential for tasks such as shaving and putting on makeup.

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