Good project management in any construction entails efficient utilisation of labour, equipment available and material. In recent years proper utilisation of these practices leads to innovative ways in construction technologies. But, failures do occur during the design, construction, analysis and maintenance of various buildings. Such a failure informs the structural engineer that they need to understand the aspects associated with the structure.

An analysis of the problem and deficiencies that may occur during construction of buildings may assist the structural engineer to come up with a construction site setup plan that meets their goal. Through proper analysis of the project, the engineers should also suggest the best suitable remedy. Here is a guide to various construction site set up for different building projects.

Survey the construction site

A survey and location of the construction site are important. During this process the first thing on the construction site setup checklist is water. Water is an important amenity in any construction. The quality of water should be maintained to ensure that the building is not damaged. In cases where there are water problems, the frac tanks can be used as temporary clean water storage tanks. Other amenities that should be on the checklist include electricity and phone lines. Engineers should ensure that the landline is connected because construction management significantly depends on the incoming faxes on plans and contracts.

Test the soil and determine the suitability of the construction site

Soil tests of the construction site should also be carried out. They determine the site’s contamination levels. The site should be searched for obstacles such as exaction shafts, electrical cables and water channel, and old wells should be looked at. Any vegetation in the construction site should be cleared and derelict buildings demolished. But, ensure that the reusable materials such as bricks and concrete are stored properly for later use or resale.

If there are animals near the construction seek for the services of an exterminator should be sought after because animals in the construction site cause safety and health risks for the workers and damage the construction materials.

Also, in the construction site ensure boundaries based on the blueprints received are properly established. An example is a fertiliser project where the drawings of a structure are determined and the footing bars and steel walls are erected and in position.

Identify the hidden dangers

In a construction set up, people including professionals tend to overlook hazards that are associated with construction set up or the setting-up of the construction project. Factors that may affect such project including workers’ health and safety. Soil among others should be taken into consideration.

An analysis of the construction site ensures that there are no errors and the design used is correct. The previous structural drawings need to be revised and design areas spotted corrected. An example is a proposal to construct a channel-shaped concrete parapet where detection of areas that can save the weight of materials to save the economy can be noted on time. Other areas such as errors in transverse design and the arrangement should be noted and corrected accordingly.

Get the proper permits

The scope of the project and location determine the type of permit to be taken. Permits take a lot of time and range from days to a couple of years. Thus as an engineer, you should get some ideas on the permit filling process including the fees required before the start date of the construction.

Take the necessary remedial measures

After spotting the errors it is important to take the necessary measures to reduce the impact. For example, a serious failure in ramp slab can be addressed through the propping of the ramp’s free edge. Also, a steel beam with columns should be used to provide full support. Another example is the re-concrete and wielding of bars of a mid-span vertical crack in a building such as a canteen building.

There are many risks and associated with setting up a construction site. Contractors and engineers should identify them on time to ensure that utilities and welfare of the workers are suitable moreover through taking proper measures in regards to setting up a construction site, work is carried out in a safe away and according to the provided regulations.

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