The square footage, condition and physical layout of your home can affect its resale value. But there are other factors that can help increase the value of your property and these depend upon how close your house is located to a variety of local amenities that home buyers find most desirable.


Having one or more schools located within walking distance of your property can help to increase your home’s value. Many families with growing children prefer to find housing located within the boundary’s of a school district with a very favorable reputation.


It’s important that your property be located within a short distance from a shopping district that offers a variety of services, ranging from a grocery store and café offering coffee service to restaurants, a movie theater, fashion boutiques, wine shops and a fitness center. Convenient access to large shopping centers and big box stores have also proven to help raise property values by more than 10 percent.


Close proximity to restaurants is another local amenity that can favorably boost your property’s value. It’s even better if the local neighborhood contains a variety of eateries, ranging from fast food places to sit-down restaurants with full service. And upscale restaurants nearby usually signify that the home is located in a quality neighborhood that merits a larger price tag.

Parks and Nature Preserves

Parks and nature preserves where people can enjoy recreational activities and being out in fresh air is another local amenity that helps to increase the value of nearby homes and properties. And all the better if local parks contain a variety of playground equipment to attract families with children and if that playground equipment is very well maintained. You just to look at the impact playgrounds have made on these neighbourhoods to understand.

Police and Fire Stations

If your property is located within a short distance from police and fire stations, this can also help to increase your home’s value because it provides homeowners with a heightened sense of security that assistance can reach their property in the event of a problem in a very short amount of time.

Healthcare Facility

The same goes for having a quality healthcare facility such as a hospital or medical center within a short distance from the property.
More and more homeowners are searching for properties that are within walking distance of one or more of the above amenities, the walkability factor of a property is becoming more valuable among prospective homeowners who don’t want the hassle or expense of always having to jump into their car in order to enjoy getting a bite to eat, having their children enjoy playground equipment in the local park, or obtaining a few last minute items from the local grocery store.

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