Want to make your home safer and roomier? Adding a storage shed might help. Check out the tips below.

There are many advantages to owning a small home versus an enormous one. Cleaning a large home can require a fleet of full-time cleaners. The ever-increasing price of utilities makes a small home more attractive on that front. The one really big disadvantage, though, is the fact that there is so little space. While rooms are smaller, storage is practically nonexistent, because this is usually the first place a builder looks when seeking to maximize room size. The simple addition of a storage shed or two on the property can massively reduce the disadvantage found in that small footprint.  


Clutter Becomes an almost Organic Thing

We all know people who are so organized that they practically use the Dewey Decimal System to file their socks in the proper place in a drawer. For these people, organizing is almost a hobby – something that they actually enjoy. For those of us with lives to lead, this hyper-organized activity costs far more time and effort than we can afford to devote to it.   

Those of us who lead busy lives find that clutter becomes an almost organic thing, taking over more and more of our homes as the years pass. Closets are generally considered a place to store clothes, but we eventually find them stuffed with things we don’t use but also can’t bring ourselves to throw out, just in case. Next, the clutter migrates to the garage or carport. Once these places are filled to capacity, the clutter begins its assault on the actual living area. This continues until that fateful day we find ourselves stepping over a drum set to get into the bathroom and realize the clutter has won the battle.   

The addition of a storage shed can make a real difference in this situation. For things that require seasonal storage, or even things we don’t know that we’ll ever really need, a storage building can provide a terrific place to keep things we don’t feel like tripping over.   


A Storage Building can also act as a New Room

There are many situations in which one may want or need a room that is isolated from the noise and activity of the house, or even one that isolates the house from the noise and activity of what is going on in the room. For these situations, a small storage building could be ideal. Such a structure could be used as a shop where someone makes clothes or other things. It could be the home office for a small business that keeps business separated from the living area. A storage building could even become a playhouse that gives children a safe, nearby place to play.  


A Shed can Enhance the Safety of the Home

Every small home amasses things that are dangerous to people and pets. The typical garage of any home tends to contain many items that are poisonous, flammable or sharp. The more of these things that are stored in the home, the higher the odds that the curiosity of a kid or pet could become a tragedy. Having a storage area that can be locked helps prevent accidents and discourages thieves.   


Space is at a Premium in Small Homes

With exception of the living room, all the rooms in the typical small home are earmarked for bathing, eating or sleeping. The double whammy is that most small homes have storage pared to a minimum to make those few rooms as large as possible. A storage building can be a great way to prevent clutter from taking over the home and garage or provide an extra room to pursue activities that would be impossible in the home itself.

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