How Carla’s love of interiors helped her invest in property

Sydney investor Carla Barton, who began her career in real estate before studying interior design, shares how she makes investing in property work for her.

“My biggest influence was my mother,” says Carla.

“I grew up around renovating from a young age as my mother ran her interior design company from home.”

Barton bought her very first renovation project in late 2014 in Sydney’s inner west.

She knew the area like the back of her hand and knew there was a huge demand for property so close to the CBD.

“My first property was a deceased estate, a two-bedroom apartment in Dulwich Hill in Sydney, which was on a main road with no parking. I bought it for $505k in 2014, renovated and sold it in 2015 for $640k.”

“I knew I just had to get my foot in the door and that the suburbs of Sydney’s inner west were in a great growth area.”

It hasn’t all been plain sailing though.

“I had a difficult moment when my pre-approval from a major bank didn’t materialise into an actual approval.

“Having to shift to another bank two days before settlement was one of the most stressful moments of my property career,” she admits. 

It wasn’t until Carla had nailed her third renovation project that she considered herself as a property investor, though it’s something she does in addition to her job as a senior interior designer.

Now she’s well and truly on the property ladder and keen to embark on another project.

“Renovating for profit is highly addictive and after the first flip I knew I was hooked!”, she says.

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