Buying tiles online has a lot of advantages. You get a wide variety of tiles to choose from and read reviews from satisfied customers. You can shop at your own pace without pressure from sales staff. Seeing the tiles before you purchase may not be possible which is why we’ve come up with this tile selection guide to make it easy for you. According to SEQ Tiling, one of Brisbane’s best tilers who specialises in Porcelain and Marble tiling, before purchasing, things that should be taken into consideration are as follows;

Measure the area floor

You should start by measuring the area you will be putting the tiles. Use a tape to measure the length and the width of the floor and then multiply the two variables to get the figure in feet. The next step would be to determine the number of tiles you need for the project. The amount you need will vary depending on the size of the tiles. There are some online tiles calculators that will help in determining the exact size that would be ideal for your floor.

Go for Ceramic

You don’t always have to buy porcelain when ceramic tiles can also work. The two may not be identical but serve the same purpose. Porcelain could have a slight advantage over ceramic when it is used in the bathroom. If you’re tiling other areas of the home, you’re better off with ceramic considering the fact that you can pay up to 60% less compared to porcelain. This is a no brainer if you’re looking to buy cheap tile online without compromising on quality.

Customer Rating

The customer feedback and rating is important when buying tiles online. Any credible retail website has product reviews section so that customers can give feedback.  You can also sort products by the reviews just to make sure you’re getting a product with social proof. Read both the positive and the negative reviews. Identify patterns if there are complaints, note them down.

Warranty and Return Policy

Returning tiles is generally not recommended. The logistics involved in transportation is a challenge on its own. A good company should be able to send out samples first before they can ship out the whole order. This will minimise the return rate since customers know exactly what they are getting when they order. Look at the FAQs when it comes to warranty and returns just to make sure you’re on the safe side.

Consider Alternative Materials

You don’t always have to go for porcelain or ceramic. If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a viable alternative for your tiling projects, you can opt of vinyl which looks just as great. Luxury Vinyl tiles have deep embossing with stylish graphics. It is flexible in nature even though it might not have the rock hard feature synonymous with ceramic.

There is another vertical which contain stone product. One such example is Armstrong Alterna. It is composed of 75 % limestone and 25% man-made polymers. Shipping costs will not be as expensive because the tile tends to be lighter compared to its competitors.

Shipping Cost

Depending on the size and the weight, shipping cost can form a huge chunk of your budget. Look for websites that may have flat shipping rates or discounts when buying tiles. You should also do an analysis if there would be a cheaper alternative when it comes to shipping of the tiles. We hope this tile buying guide will help if you intend to buy online.

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