‘For Sale’ signs are an efficient and effective means of advertising products. In the real estate industry, real estate ‘for sale’ signs play a major role in ensuring that customers get to know of properties being sold in the market. Just like any other form of advertising, the manner of design and use of these signs goes a long way to determine whether customers would express their interests in buying the said products. Designing the signs is therefore important. Here are some of the common tips for designing exceptional real estate for sale signs for optimal effectiveness.

Determine a concise purpose of the sign

The first step in the bid to design an effective sign is to determine the purpose of the sign. Different signs meant for different purposes are designed and worded differently. Some signs meant for informing customers of the presence of property for sale would be different from signs for creating an impression or inform customers of a certain issue of interest. The purpose of the sign also determines additional aspects such as the size of the sign and the words to be included thereon. It is therefore important to, from the beginning, have in mind the role of the sign.

Deciding the message to display

The next important step is deciding on the type of message that you intend to put across to the customers. The message should be as short in words as possible, yet being memorable, easy to read, and meaningful. The use of certain keywords such as ‘house,’ ‘for sale,’ ‘auction,’ ‘call,’ mortgage, etc. are an effective means of passing a powerful message across to the public. Making the words in the message short ensures that anyone passing by can read.  The memorability of the message also creates a long-lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. In most cases, a printed banner mesh contains more space for writing more information as compared to conventional signs.

Customize the size of the sign

The size of the real estate sign frames is determined by a host of factors including the message to be put across, the proximity of the sign to intended customers, the amount of message to pass across, among others. A sign to be placed along a highway should be huge, the size of a billboard. Real estate sign posts to be put along a footpath, on the other hand, should be relatively small in size, maybe about 1 square meter. The size of the sign affects its readability and thus the number of people who can view it. It also affects the amount of message that can be put across. Depending on where the sign is to be placed, the real estate sign design can be adjusted to the required specs. A custom mesh banner would fit any desired place as opposed to a fixed design one.

Be highly creative

There is much competition in the real estate market as vendors compete to impress customers. Creating an impression is important. One of the ways of creating such impression is making your custom real estate signs as attention-grabbing as possible. The sign should, therefore, use unique details such as catchy word phrase specific to the real estate industry. The words should also be summative yet create a punch in passing the intended message.

For instance, writing the phrase, ‘marble-topped American Kitchen’ would save space and pass the message of the nature and configuration of the kitchen in the house. Part of the creativity should also go towards incorporating an appropriate image of the property that is being sold. The colored image should be of high resolution. You can also be creative about where you intend to position your banner. For instance, you can have a printed banner mesh placed on construction sites to double as adverts for your property.

Include pertinent memorable information

Anyone who sees the advert and is interested should be directed in the sign on what to do. In this regard, the sign should include a ‘call to action’ where interested persons can make a phone call, send an SMS, or an email. The phone number should be as memorable as possible. For example, a number such as 800-555-888 would be by far more memorable than 492-179-362. The idea is to have customers get the whole message at a glimpse. With a billboard sign placed on a highway, motorists would have seconds to see the image, the message, and the number.

With these tips, you can create an effective and attention-grabbing real estate banner sign fit for your purpose.

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